Zombie Apocolypse


Check yes or no?

I remember back in the day if I wanted to find someone I legitimately got off my ass and walked to their house. Nowadays people will send a text message to someone in the same room. Someone literally right next to them!

I mean I do understand the benefits of smartphones and social media from an advertiser’s perspective. You get free advertising, it’s easier to build up your brands image and create awareness for your brand or product.In this article all these benefits are explained and your told how to use them effectively. Being able to tweet anytime anywhere about anything is extremely powerful if you do it right. An example of “doing it right” in my opinion is Nike.

But tell me have we come too far?


Truth Hurts

Well yes we have. Texting a person in the same room as you, walking around with your headphones in, staring at your phone not paying any attention to what’s going on in the world around you is too much. I mean when did giving a friendly nod or even a quick hello to someone you pass by in your travels become socially unacceptable? You do that now your classified as a “creep”, but yet it’s completely ok to send off a cyber “Hi” to someone you can’t even see.

It’s is a great marketing tool for many reasons but is it worth turning today’s population into zombies?


Andrew Buist And Friends ZOMBIEFIED!!!



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